At EcoAire our process begins by looking at and evaluating your particular situation and needs. Unlike other companies, we do not give you an estimate over the phone without ever looking at the job to be done. We are well-trained and current with the latest technology and high-efficiency equipment, to provide you with new and better designs.

1. Schedule a meeting
Upon receiving your phone call and answering any questions you may have, a Comfort Service Specialist will schedule to meet with you at your business establishment.

2. Evaluate your needs
At the meeting, our Specialist will discuss and evaluate your specific heating and/or cooling needs and requirements.

We will do a survey of your facility and base our proposal on a heat-load calculation or cooling-load calculation for air conditioning. In sizing the system for your company, EcoAire considers many variables, including the dimensions of the areas to be heated or cooled, how the areas are used, the number of personnel, your frequency of using heat-producing equipment, and summer humidity levels. Also, using our heat-load and/or cooling-load calculations, we will be able to estimate the annual operating costs (energy bills) for the equipment we are proposing for your business.

If it is to be a replacement, we will also ask about any heating or cooling problems you have had with your old equipment, and offer understandable explanations or solutions. Many furnaces and central air conditioners are not properly sized for the facility they serve, because of improper sizing years ago and/or energy efficiency improvements to the facility since the old equipment was installed. Because of this, we will not use your existing equipment to size your new heating or cooling system.

3. Provide you a written proposal
Based on these factors, our Specialist will offer you a written EcoAire proposal, outlining the equipment to be installed, the work to be done, and the price, including labor costs. Our Specialist will review the proposal with you thoroughly, answer all your questions, and make any desired changes.

The Installation
Upon written approval of the proposal, we will schedule with you the date and time for your installation to begin. EcoAire’s installation team will arrive and provide you with personal attention, skilled craftsmanship, and utmost dedication to performance by working quickly and steadily to complete your installation.

EcoAire has earned a reputation of providing top-quality installations. This is maintained because after the installation is done, we have the entire installation meticulously inspected three separate times. It must pass these lengthy inspections each time before the installation is considered complete.

After Installation
After the installation is complete, your Comfort Service Specialist will walk you through the installation. Your Specialist will explain how to use your equipment, review with you the equipment manuals, and answer your questions.

At EcoAire our goal is to provide your company, employees, and customers with complete satisfaction and comfort. Your HVAC system is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment for your business. It is important that it is running efficiently and that you are provided with quality service when you need it.

Call us today to arrange for a no-obligation evaluation of your heating and cooling needs.  (405)283-AIRE